People who pay attention to body internal condition, or those who have intestinal disorders, want to change their constitution or regulate metabolism.

 Guava soft leaf extract powder, Composite fruit and vegetable enzyme (pineapple, kiwi, green papaya, yam, apple, raspberry, Indian mulberry, blackberry, blueberry, black ear fungus, bamboo shoots fiber, Pitaya, guava, avocado, pear, beetroot, grapes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, strawberries, cherries, mangoes, peaches, plums, tangerine, passion fruit, watermelon, oranges, almonds, cranberries, mangosteen , black currant, red pomegranate, star fruit, nectarines, bananas, bilberry, jujube, brown sugar, granulated sugar, blended honey , acacia gum, Maltodextrin, xylitol, silica, green papaya extract, pineapple extract), amylolytic enzyme, chicory fiber, xylo-oligosaccharide

Take 1 package 1 to 3 times a day after meal.
Break the seal, take it directly with (or dissolve in) 250-300ml warm or cold water.

Attention: Keep in a cool dry place. Please use as soon as possible after opening.  Caking of the powder may occur naturally during the shelf life period, no reason to worry.

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