-- Taiwan natural 868 tea, what are its benefits?
Taiwan natural 868 tea is native species of small tree, small leaves, small fruits of guava leaf tea, its leaves are extremely useful. Pluck the tea shoots between75 days to 90 days and then directly withering with hot air to retain complete nutrients such as guava leaf polyphenol , and flavonoids, as well as vitamins A, B2, C and phosphorus, calcium ingredient, so the 868 natural guava leaf tea is the top of the best, keep drinking it to maintain your healthy condition.

  -- Why Taiwanese natural 868 tea pluck tea shoots between two and a half month and 3 months, instead of newborn tender leaves?  
  Natural 868 Taiwanese tea is unique native species of small tree, small leaves guava leaf, the tea shoots was plucked between two and a half to three months instead of newborn tender leaves. Due to Guava leaves have its special function as recorded in ancient book- Compendium of Materia Medica, the newborn herb is too tender with no effectiveness, and if the leaves are too old then there is a risk of having alkaloid, can't use either , so pluck fixedly between 75 days and 90 days is the best timing  
  -- Drinking Taiwan natural 868 tea, it does not affect sleep?  
  Natural 868 tea smells minty, some may think that the peppermint is added to guava leaf teabag; but it is the original natural light guava flavor. As long as not drinking with empty stomach, there is no caffeine, you can steep it until tasteless; you can drink before sleeping and will not affect sleep.  
  -- Taiwan natural 868 tea, it is suitable for Cold Brew Tea?  
  In the hot weather in Taiwan, or tropical countries, it is a way to enjoy Cold Brew Tea—put the 868 tea bag directly into the mineral water bottle, shake lightly for several times up and down, you can drink natural light guava flavor in half hour. Also can serve tea with warm water, room-temperature water both enjoy the natural guava flavor. Natural 868 tea without pesticides, no heavy metals, no additives, no preservatives, no caffeine, It is safe to drink.

Please note: Drink at the time of the empty stomach, it will let you feel hungry!
  -- How to brew the natural 868 tea?  
  Some people like the Cold Brew, directly put the tea bag into the mineral water. People like to drink warm, it can be 50 degrees to 70 degrees water temperature, Cold brew, Warm brew both can taste the natural guava leaves favor. It suitable drink during the meal or after meal, or thirsty; usually brew it at breakfast, extend to lunch and dinner meal .it can be reused until tasteless, so most people have one or 2 bags for one day. Some people like to drink hot tea, steep directly with the boiling hot water; it tastes slightly bitter and astringent. Some people like astringent taste who once brewed together with two tea bags, or directly with boiling water directly to guava leaf tea, enjoy a deep sense of astringency. Japanese think astringency particularly good for the body, like the hot brew  
  -- 868 series, won the 2014 & 2015 MIT natural health food series, "Taiwan's first brand"?  
  868 series of products have natural 868 tea, 868-S supplement (guava leaf extract), natural guava leaf meal-replacement biscuit(868-S healthy meal-replacement biscuits). The three awarded by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Technical Development Association, the China Consumer Association of the two sides, CCPIT Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province across the Taiwan Strait Exchange Association, CCPIT Heilongjiang Province, Chongqing City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tianjin Foreign Economic and Trade Enterprises Association, Shandong CCPIT, Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce, the Xiamen Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade enterprises Association, Wuhan, CCPIT and other support, by MIT natural health food series is certainly more units and issued "Taiwan's first brand."  
  -- Eat 868-S healthy meal-replacement biscuits; do not need to have a meal again?  

868-S healthy meal-replacement biscuits 's ingredients are guava leaf powder, flour, beetroot powder, trehalose, white sesame seed, brown sugar, almond, dried cranberry, salt, water, cheese powder, and butter. Guava leaf meal-replacement biscuits, only naturally sweetened cranberries dried fruit, so 14g for one is 56.58 calories, low calorie, lower than market crackers. 2 -3 bar permeal. A bowl of rice about 280 calories, even every meal eats 2 and less than half a bowl of rice, eat three bars of 2/3 of the bowls of rice.
Note: The adult probably needs 1200-1600 calories every day, depending on age.

  --Eat 868-S healthy meal-replacement biscuits, will malnutrition occure?  
  868-S healthy meal-replacement biscuit's ingredients are: guava leaf powder, flour, beetroot powder, trehalose, white sesame seed, brown sugar, almond, dried cranberry, salt, water, cheese powder, and butter. All natural foods, it has high nutritional value.

---Guava leaf polyphenol
---Cranberry Polyphenol
---Dietary Fiber
---Total Carbohydrate
---Vitamin A, B2, B12, E, C
---Niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, tannic acid, folic acid, acid
---Trace elements - selenium, calcium, sodium, iodine, potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron

  -- What's the difference between natural 868 tea and 868-S supplement?  
  As the 868-S combination of concentrated extract of Indigenous guava leaf extract, Noni fruit enzyme, bioflavonoid, and Chicory fiber. They are using technology with its guava leaves more ingredient phenols and flavonoids such as very high, as the best of health benefits.  
  -- What is an enzyme ?  
  Enzymes are called " catalyst ." If the body is a chemical factory , the enzyme is actuated to move the plant material . Each human reaction , thinking , activities, food digestion , will rely on the presence of the enzyme , was able to move freely .  
  -- Why do we need supplemental enzymes , the body does not come naturally ferment yet ?  
  Yes , it is because there are thousands of enzymes in the human body , so that the body only ten billion cells to run ; let us feel , to act , and so on . Human health, the body itself and the ability to manufacture enzymes per person about ; everyone born with enzyme systems , but some people some congenital enzyme is low , many people prefer cooked and refined foods , because there are more people grow older , the body manufacture enzymes ability is reduced , so must rely on supplementary enzymes to maintain good health.  
  -- What is the function of an enzyme in the body?  
  Enzymes in the body is responsible for digestion, transport , metabolism, and clearance of waste . As long as there is food in the stomach , the pancreas will be stimulated to secrete enzymes to help digestion and distribution of nutrients the body, so a good diet and appropriate supplementary enzymes can reduce the burden on the pancreas and increase the body immune system to fight disease .  
  -- Why enzyme supplements?  
  The body within 1-3 hours after a meal , because the stomach and small intestine are related to food , the body will stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes to help digestion and absorption. But when the pancreas can not provide a large number of enzymes , when it is necessary enzymes from the cell loan store , which is aging.  
  -- What is special about your enzyme? Is it unique?  
  Taking into account the properties of enzymes present in various natural fruits and vegetables, 868 R&D team blended various fruit and vegetable enzymes into a comprehensive and perfectly proportioned mix. They have specifically added guava leaf extract, amylolytic enzymes that break down carbohydrate molecules, starch, sugar. Chicory fiber and xylo-oligosaccharides help regulate physiological functions, promote intestinal peristalsis, help maintain digestive functions and enhances beauty. It does not increase the body sugar content, and allows easy and carefree health maintenance.
The recommended intake is 1-3 packages daily after meals. Dilute one package in 250 ~ 300ml of warm or cold water.
  -- What kind of people need supplement enzymes?  
  Teenagers, office workers, senior citizens, those who work under pressure, those whose life is busy and stressful, and those who often eat out.  
  -- How do enzymes help digestion?  
  When food enters the mouth, salivary amylase is secreted; as the food is swallowed, different enzymes are released. Finally, the food will be broken down in the small intestines by the enzymes released from the pancreas. However, in cooked or prepared foods, natural enzymes have been destroyed, so it is necessary to help the enzymes coming from the pancreas to break down food. But such nutrients cause incomplete digestion, usually followed by discomfort in the large intestine. Taking supplemental enzymes, in addition to the reduced burden on the pancreas, makes up for the enzymes missing from the food; it also lets the stomach and intestines digest the food completely and absorb more nutrients.  
  -- Do people who take medications or vitamins and other nutritional supplements daily also need supplemental enzymes?  
  Vitamins and minerals are coenzymes (secondary enzymes); we still need other enzymes to increase the physiological efficiency of our body.  
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